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Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is a key partner in the student’s learning experience at the University of Arkansas.  Student Affairs supports students in their academic pursuits, creates innovative programs that educate and inspire outside of the classroom and provides inclusive support for all students.


The Division of Student Affairs makes a positive impact on every University of Arkansas student, but we can’t do it without you.


Give to the University Housing Family Award to help a Housing staff member’s student in their educational quest. Your gift to the Accelerated Student Achievement Program directly helps students from underrepresented areas of Arkansas receive extra needed support to help them succeed. Give to the Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry to help ensure that students in need do not go hungry.


We will be broadcasting “Live” on the Division’s Facebook page during All In for Arkansas from various Student Affairs departments. Tune in to learn more and help a student succeed by going All In for Student Affairs!


You can support students through these Student Affairs scholarships and funds:


Accelerated Student Achievement Program (ASAP)

A fund for students from Arkansas used to improve retention and graduation.


Arkansas Parents and Families Fund
A fund for parents to donate to that supports retention through scholarships and student programs.


ASG President's Council Scholarship
Scholarships for undergraduate full time student leaders with financial need.


Center for Educational Access (CEA)
A fund for student programs and support for students with disabilities and accessibility barriers.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Funds to assist counseling and psychological services programs for students.


Delta Gamma Chapter House*
Gifts for the construction of the new Delta Gamma Chapter House must be made through a special site for capital projects.


Greek Life Leadership Scholarship
Scholarship for Greek students with outstanding leadership in their chapter.


Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Campus Food Pantry
Student-run emergency program that distributes food and personal products to the university community.


Nola Holt Royster Scholarship
Award for student leader from an Arkansas high school who contributes to the diversity of the campus.


Off-Campus Student Services Non-Traditional Scholarship
Scholarship for non-traditional (married, divorced, or widowed, parent, or over 25 years old) student with financial need.


Pat Walker Health Center Construction Fund
Gifts for the expansion of Pat Walker Health Center.


Pat Walker Health Center Emergency Fund
Emergency fund to assist students with financial need for health services.


Phi Mu Chapter House*
*Gifts for the construction of the new Phi Mu Chapter House must be made through a special site for capital projects.


PRIDE in Education Scholarship
Scholarship for students with financial need, record of service and/or leadership; knowledge of and interest in LGBT history and current events.


Student Emergency Fund (U of A Cares)
Assistance for students in distress in their academic, personal, financial life or other areas.


University Housing Family Award
Award for a child, grandchild, niece or nephew, of housing staff with 3 or more years of service, or former housing staff with 20+ years. 


Veterans Resource and Information Center (VRIC) Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for veteran, reserves or active guard with financial need.


Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Fund
A fund for student programs and support across the Student Affairs Division.

Fill the Food Pantry
Thanks to a generous surprise gift from Jerry and Christine Williams, gifts to the Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Campus Food Pantry will once again be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $500. You fill our hearts when you fill the food pantry!
There's a First Time for Everything
Ready to join the All In family? First-time donors to the U of A will receive matching funds of up to $250 to their area of choice for the remainder of All in for Arkansas.
Show your PRIDE for Student Affairs
Enhance all aspects of the Arkansas experience by going "All In" for Student Affairs! Help us top last year's record of 129 gifts to student-success initiatives throughout the division, and we'll unlock a $3,050 gift to the PRIDE in Education Scholarship. Big thanks to John Berry and a group of donors who honored Richard Anderson's birthday with gifts that give back for making this challenge possible.
129 / 129 Gifts
Proud Razorback Parents, Unite!
When your student joins the University of Arkansas family, so do you! Thanks to a generous donor, we'll unlock a $500 gift to the Advance Arkansas scholarship program when 50 proud parents go #Allin4Arkansas with a gift of any size to any area of campus.
50 / 50 Gifts
Chancellor's Challenge: It's All About Participation
There's power in numbers! Make a gift (of any size to any area!) and help the U of A reach the 500-gift milestone during All In for Arkansas. To celebrate, we'll unlock $14,700 for student scholarships in honor of the U of A's 147th birthday. This exciting challenge is once again made possible by Chancellor Joe Steinmetz and his wife, Sandy, and their continued generosity to the Advance Arkansas scholarship program.
500 / 500 Gifts
1,000 Reasons to Give Back Challenge
Make your giving day gift go even further! Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous donor honoring Chancellor Joe Steinmetz and his wife, Sandy, the 1,000th All In for Arkansas gift will unlock $100,000 for the Advance Arkansas Scholarship initiative!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
The All-Nighter Challenge
Not a morning person? We have the perfect challenge for you! The participating college, school, or unit that receives the most money overnight from April 4 at 10:00 p.m. to April 5 at 8:00 a.m. will be awarded an additional $500.
Rank Prize College, School, or Unit Raised
1 $500 College of Engineering $2,172.00
2 Sam M. Walton College of Business $1,572.00
3 J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences $522.00
4 Arkansas Alumni Association $489.00
5 Honors College $375.00
6 Student Affairs $340.00
7 Senior Walk Preservation $260.00
8 Advance Arkansas Scholarships $197.00
9 University Libraries $175.00
10 Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design $172.00
11 Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences $100.00
12 College of Education and Health Professions $100.00
13 Graduate School & International Education $100.00
14 Razorback & University Bands $60.00
15 Love it All $25.00
16 Other University Programs and Featured Funds $0.00
17 School of Law $0.00
18 KUAF Public Radio $0.00
19 University of Arkansas Online $0.00
20 Women's Giving Circle $0.00
Favorite Fund to the Finish Line
The cake is gone but the party is still going on! Go All In to elevate your favorite college, school, program or scholarship up the leaderboard. A gift of any size counts, and the fund with the most gifts at the conclusion of All In for Arkansas will win an additional $500! Thanks to the Roberts Family of Fort Smith for this generous challenge.
Rank Prize Favorite Fund Gifts
1 $500 KUAF 11
2 Women's Giving Circle Membership 11
3 Friends of the Library 9
4 Women's Giving Circle Founders Endowed Advance Arkansas 9
5 Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Campus Food Pantry 7
6 Honors College Study Abroad 6
7 Accelerated Student Achievement Program (ASAP) 4
8 Marketing Department 4
9 Senior Walk 4
10 PRIDE in Education Scholarship 4
11 Razorback Band 4
12 Walton College Dean's Discretionary Fund 3
13 Architecture Annual Fund 3
14 The Leadership for Climate Action Design Scholarship Endowment 3
15 Annual Fund 3
16 Advance Arkansas Scholarships 2
17 University Housing Family Award 2
18 Nursing Students Ghana FundRAZOR Project 2
19 Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund 2
20 Off-Campus Student Services Non-Traditional Student Scholarship 2
21 Journalism 2
22 BAS Scholarship Challenge 2
23 U of A Cares Fund 2
24 The Michael Buono Scholarship for Sustainable Architecture 1
25 The Jeff Shannon Endowment in Architectural & Design Studies 1
26 Music 1
27 Bumper's College General Fund 1
28 Education and Health Professions Endowment 1
29 Mechanical Engineering Department 1
30 College of Engineering 1
31 Arkansas Alumni Association Fund of Excellence 1
32 Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences 1
33 Biological Sciences 1
34 Supply Chain Management Department 1
35 Civil Engineering Department 1
36 Latino Alumni Society Scholarship Fund 1
37 Bumper's College General Scholarships 1
38 Arkansas Parents and Families Fund 1
39 Design Camp Scholarships 1
40 W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship 1
41 Dallas Alumni Chapter Endowed Award 1
42 Associated Student Government President's Council Scholarship 1
43 Greek Life Leadership Scholarship 1
44 Accounting Department 1
45 General Scholarships 0
46 Air Force ROTC 0
47 Office of Diversity and Inclusion 0
48 University Recreation Sports 0
49 International Education Catastrophic Fund 0
50 Court Competitions 0
51 Unrestricted gifts-Continuing Education 0
52 Women's Giving Circle Lifetime Membership 0
53 Arkansas World Trade Center 0
54 ECAP Scholarship Fund 0
55 Economics Department 0
56 Dean Kim Needy & Family Graduate Student Emergency Fund 0
57 Unrestricted Law Dean Funds 0
58 Austin Chapter Kimberly Stine Endowed Memorial Scholarship 0
59 Army ROTC 0
60 Engineering Early Career Alumni Council (ECAC) Scholarship 0
61 Finance Department 0
62 College of Engineering Scholarship Fund 0
63 Study Abroad Scholarship Fund 0
64 Capital Chapter Endowed Scholarship 0
65 Chancellor’s Society Fund 0
66 Information Systems Department 0
67 Biological and Agricultural Engineering 0
68 Graduate School and International Education Fund 0
69 Carolinas Alumni Chapter Scholarship Fund 0
70 College Access and Diversity 0
71 Anthropology 0
72 Management Department 0
73 Biomedical Engineering Department 0
74 Lavallard International Student Scholarship 0
75 Central Oklahoma Chapter Wadley-Curtis Endowed Scholarship 0
76 Faulkner Performing Arts Center 0
77 Art 0
78 Chemical Engineering Department 0
79 International Culture Team Scholarship 0
80 Chicago Chapter Alumni Scholarship Fund 0
81 Financial Affairs 0
82 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Gift Fund 0
83 Chemistry and Biochemistry 0
84 Computer Science Computer Engineering Department 0
85 Denver Chapter Mile High Scholarship 0
86 Pryor Center for Arkansas Oral and Visual History 0
87 Communication 0
88 Electrical Engineering Department 0
89 Center for Educational Access 0
90 Faulkner County Chapter Alumni Scholarship Fund 0
91 Research and Economic Development 0
92 English 0
93 Industrial Engineering Department 0
94 Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 0
95 Garland County Alumni Scholarship 0
96 Staff Senate Scholarship 0
97 Geosciences 0
98 Houston Chapter Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund 0
99 The Sustainability Consortium 0
100 History 0
101 Independence County Chapter Endowed Scholarship 0
102 University of Arkansas Police Department 0
103 Nola Holt Royster Scholarship 0
104 Kansas City Chapter Alumni Scholarship Fund 0
105 University of Arkansas Press 0
106 Mathematical Sciences 0
107 Maryland Chapter Alumni Scholarship 0
108 Pat Walker Health Center Construction Fund 0
109 Morris Fair Mid-South Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship spending account 0
110 Philosophy 0
111 Nashville, TN Chapter, Arkansas Alumni Association Scholarship 0
112 Pat Walker Health Center Emergency Fund 0
113 Physics 0
114 Northeast Arkansas Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship Fund 0
115 Political Science 0
116 Northwest Arkansas Chapter Endowed Scholarship 0
117 Psychological Science 0
118 Seattle Western Washington Chapter Scholarship 0
119 School of Social Work 0
120 Veterans Resource and Information Center Scholarship Fund 0
121 St. Louis Chapter Endowed Award 0
122 Sociology and Criminal Justice 0
123 Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Fund 0
124 Tulsa Area Chapter Alumni Scholarship 0
125 Theatre 0
126 Western Arkansas Chapter Alumni Scholarship 0
127 World Languages, Literatures and Cultures 0
128 Wichita Chapter Endowed Award 0
129 Earnest J. Wong San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Chapter Endowed 0
130 Student Alumni Association Scholarship 0
131 Civil Engineering Alumni Society Scholarship 0
132 Central Mississippi Chapter Alumni Scholarship Fund 0
133 Pride Alumni Society Scholarship 0
Class Challenge: Recent grads, represent!
Did social media exist when you were in college? This challenge is for you! Thanks to a generous gift from the Matthews family, the graduating class (2008 to 2017) with the most gifts will earn bonus bucks. The top fund from the winning class will receive $500. Make a gift of any size to any area of campus to move your class up the leaderboard in this friendly giving back battle of the classes.
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